Welcome to our newest members

Welcoming Our Newest Members

We warmly welcome Joan Levy, gourd artist, and Sharon Loehr-Lapan, painter, to Sawmill River Arts!

Joan Levy has been surrounded by gourds since retiring from teaching. She loves growing them, hardening them, cleaning them, and finally feeling and looking at their unique shapes until they emerge in a new form. She uses a combination of wood burning, staining, painting with acrylics, carving, and basketry for design. Her gourds have transformed into vessels, lamps, vases, candle holders, shakerees, boxes, teapots, and bowls. Joan has played with different art forms her whole life and is mostly self-taught. She was able to take a year off from teaching to take art classes at Greenfield Community College.

Sharon Loehr-Lapan has been involved with art since she was a young girl, growing up in the Berkshires. When she went to college, she studied art but pursued a career in Special Education and has taught in many parts of the country including Utah, Delaware, and Missouri. She loved them all and found herself amazed by the different colors each landscape held. During her years as a teacher, art was never far away and she often used it with her students. She now has the opportunity to come back to the part of the country she started in, and pursue the art that started her journey.

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