Welcome, Elizabeth Fieldsteel!

We warmly welcome our newest member, Elizabeth Fieldsteel! Here’s some info about her and some photos of her pottery. Stop by and see her work soon!

A Needham, MA native who recently moved to Montague, MA from Jamaica Plain, Liz Fieldsteel, has always had a passion for art.

Liz is a self-taught artist who dove head first into the ceramic world starting in 2010 at Feet of Clay studio in Brookline, MA. Her current studio is located in Leverett, MA.

Liz’s goal for her pottery is for it to be aesthetically pleasing and become part of your everyday living. 

Aside from pottery, Liz has been a Special Education teacher and a Visual Arts teacher in public schools since 2007. She has also been teaching ceramics to children and adults for the past few years.

Liz’s passion for ceramics stems from her love of working with her hands and dealing with the challenges that arise from intricacies of the ceramic process from creating
forms, to glazing, to firing. There are always new lessons to learn and beautiful organic creations to cherish in ceramics.  


Mugs by Elizabeth Fieldsteel

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