Meet Megan Sward, our newest member!

Megan originally studied Studio Art at The College of Wooster, but went on to earn an MS from Smith College in Exercise Science and Sport Studies. After graduate school, she worked with at-risk teens and as a private trainer before getting a life-changing opportunity to work for the artist Tom Friedman, returning her to the world of Art after a long hiatus. After three and half years at Tom Friedman’s studio, Megan had her son and has been working around having a young child at home and being an artist ever since.

Megan’s work is largely informed by a combination of Scandinavian design and the history of Japanese ceramics. She creates minimalist, functional pieces that add a sense of quiet and grounding in a world overwhelmed with machine made objects. Her goal is to design purposeful forms that integrate into everyday life and bring a sense of stillness and fulfillment. She works with a durable white stoneware and glazes her work with a satin finish. Megan originally started selling her work to cover the cost of making it, but is now driven by the joy of knowing her work becomes part of daily life for the people who acquire it.

When Megan isn’t in the studio, she’s working on building a community of makers and artists called Western Mass Makers. WMM is a group of folks who meet monthly to share knowledge, resources, and stories and most recently, do some fundraising for social justice organizations in Western MA.