Christine Mero

My creative life began when, as a little girl,  I designed outfits for my paper dolls  based on the illustrations of Kate Greenaway.  I also loved the colorful and charming animal drawings of Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor, both of whom ownedChris Mero headshot aug 2016 and loved many animals.

I followed drawing with painting, and as a teenager I took Saturday classes at the Chicago Art Institute and fixed up an attic room in our house as my studio.  No one could disturb me there!  It was my safe haven, as were the imaginary worlds and lives of characters in books.

I loved reading and being outdoors, especially walking and exploring the woods, where I  might chance upon secret places.

"Forest Dancing" Christine Mero painting

“Forest Dance”

I love using cats as subject matter in my paintings. Every animal has their own individual personality, and I strive to express that uniqueness.

And the magical woods, where I walk our dog, inspire me also.

Another interest of mine is bookbinding, which I have returned to lately, having studied it many years ago. I love the precision and attention to detail that it requires. And it allows me to indulge my passion for beautiful papers and fabrics, as do the decorative boxes and other forms I make, such as my “shrines.”

NEW shrines chris mero

These can be enclosures for your own personal writings, objects, and memories.

mero golden woods

“Golden Woods”

birches, Christine Mero, forest

“Birches on the Path”


cats painting Christine Mero

“Cat Study”

Christine Mero cat study painting

“Cat Study”


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