Josh Hannon

Josh Hannon is a primarily self-taught woodworker, born in Turners Falls, who now resides in Greenfield, MA.



Josh’s love of woodworking first began a couple years after graduating from college, while he was living in New Bedford and worked as a landscaper. Being laid-off for the winter, Josh setup a tiny shop in the spare bedroom of his apartment and began making furniture with a circular saw and a drill.

Later that year, Josh moved back to Franklin County and set up a small shop space in his father’s basement.  While working in his father’s basement, Josh began building better furniture, acquiring basic stationary tools and building his technical knowledge of woodworking through reading books, talking to other woodworkers and even taking a couple evening classes at a small woodworking school in Easthampton.

After several years, Josh, his wife Sara and oldest son Ethan moved to Greenfield where they currently live and work.

Josh has been working professionally for about five years currently but has been woodworking in general for about thirteen years.

“I love woodworking, working with my hands and trying to create something beautiful and useful.  My favorite part is creating different patterns from domestic and exotic wood species.  None of my work contains any stain or dyes.

I want to highlight the beauty of natural woods and create unique and unusual patterns that are one of a kind.”