Sawmill River Arts is a collaborative of local artists. We have established not only a location to display our art work and sell it, but also established an artist community that strives to support each other in artistic growth. We work hard to find members that build our gallery professionally and socially. The gallery maintains approximately 15 members.

Anyone interested in becoming a member is asked to submit by email images of their work, prices and a short description of their production process.

When there is a membership opening, potential applicants will be invited to the gallery to meet in person.

Once accepted as a member, responsibilities include:

  • Paying monthly rent
  • Staffing the gallery 3 shifts a month (minimum 9 hours)
  • Participate in one of the gallery’s committees
  • Attend 1 monthly meeting
  • Help maintain a clean and professional looking gallery
  • In return, members receive 100% of their sales

If you are interested in exploring membership with us, please email images of your work, prices and a short description of your production process to:

Thank You!