Pam Ledoux

My love of textiles began as a child while sewing with my mother and continued into my career as a Hone Economics teacher, helping inner city children learn to make their own clothing.  After going back to graduate school to study Interior Design, I taught courses in design and color theory, which later would be helpful when I began quilting.

I learned to quilt in the late 1980’s from the exceptional teacher, Debbie Rogers-Gillig, and fell in love with the many techniques, which have been handed down through the generations.  In the early days, I sought out every person who was pregnant, inquiring if they needed a baby quilt!  Although I have had a long career as an educator and human services provider, I am now thrilled that my current career has a focus on my passion for quilting.

My current crafting direction is for hand quilting in a variety of traditional patterns.  I love playing with fabric, watching how the combinations of colors and patterns alter the finished product.  And I love how the hand quilting changes the texture of the entire piece as the fabric recedes or is brought forward.

One of my favorite quilting styles is the Amish quilt.  Using solid colored fabrics, the geometric patterns utilize bright colors with a background of black or navy. The dark fabrics provide a place for your eyes to rest while the bright colors speak to me as pure joy!  It is a perfect balance—an Amish quilt is neither dark and drab nor too busy.  And they can fit into any type of interior design, including contemporary.

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